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Rebuilding the Aquasport Classic "flatback"

The stringers (not original) were laminated to the bottom with what looks like 18 oz roving. In several places it was possible to peel the glass back – see one of the pictures below. The secondary bond of the stringers to the hull was very poor. Also, the glass had separated from the stringer wood in all but a few spots.

We are going to take extra precaution to ensure the shape of the hull doesn't change before we get new stringers and frames installed. Similar to pulling a brand new hull from a mold, unless there is some structure in the hull, it could "oil can". The next step is to build a cradle to support the shell and keep her strait and fair. While it looks fine now, a little extra work in building the cradle is worth the peace of mind; especially when you plan to put a lot of work and money into the boat.

The previous "rebuild" included a bunch of mat laid into the bottom. All this mat and the remaining roving from the stringers (which did not peel off ) will be ground out. New heavy biaxial cloth (1708 or 1808), will be laid into the hull using epoxy resin. This will reinforce an almost 30 year old skin as well and give us a very good base/foundation for the new stringers and frames.