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GF12 and GF14 Hull Assembly System

This simple and fast hull assembly method automatically positions the main hull components by butting them against the strategically located butt blocks. Later, the seat tops are used to correct the hull shape and straighten alignment problems. Measurements on the hull are almost completely eliminated.

This assembly method can only be used on boats specifically designed for it but these boats can always be assembled in other ways. The plans give all dimensions for all parts and the builder is free to choose the method he prefers.

The case of the invisible butt blocks . . .

 To start, cut the side panels. Except for the forward half of the chine edge, all other lines are straight. This makes the drawing of the lines and the cutting very easy.

Cut the butt blocks from the full size pattern and mark the sheer side for alignment. Epoxy glue the panels together.

Cut the frames from the dimensions given on the plans. Assemble the sides around mid seat frames with the butt block as a locator.

This means that the frames are pushed against the edges of the butt block. Nothing to measure. Hidden between the frames, the butt blocks will be invisible.

The invisible butt blocks make assembly fast and easy.

Install the transoms between the sides.

The building notes included in the plans package explain all this in detail.

Insert the other frames loose.

All dimensions for the frames and transoms are on the plans. Location lines for the 2 other frames are on the side panel.

Cut the seat tops from the dimensions given on the plans. Install the seats tops DRY on cleats (see construction drawing). This will allow us to check and, if necessary, correct the symmetry of the hull. Install the rubrail.

The butt blocks are hidden between the mid frames!

Flip the "boat" over and install the bottom panel on the hull. The bottom panel butt block fits exactly between the mid frames. Stitch or duct tape the bottom to the sides, flip over again.

Remove the seat tops and fiberglass inside as shown on the plans. Epoxy glue seat tops on cleats. Flip over and finish the outside: fiberglass, install runners and spray rail. Ready for painting.

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