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GF18 Hull Assembly

The recommended assembly method is upright, sharpie method. Step by step:

  • Install one mid frame on the stringers. We assume that you did cut notches in the frame. Cut them for the full depth of the stringers: no notches in the stringers.
  • Note that we epoxy glue the seat battens to the frames at this stage. Without them, the frames would not be sufficiently stiff to shape the hull.
  • Install all other frames and the transom on the stringers except for the forward frames. Not shown on the picture are the motorwell sides between the last frame and the transom. They are required for the transom angle.

  • Fasten side panels to the transom and frames starting from the stern.

  • Install the bow transom between the side panels. This will require supporting the bow transom with some blocks, supports not shown.

  • Install the forward frame with support. Optional: install the longitudinal bulkhead under the casting deck (not shown).

  • Check diagonals. This is a very important step: the diagonals must be equal within ?" (5 mm). Diagonal means a distance between one corner of the stern transom and the opposite corner on the bow transom. No need to measure, use a line.

  • Once the boat is square, secure a diagonal by fastening a batten across the boat as shown.

  • Flip the assembly over.

  • Install bottom panel on assembly

  • Build all outside fiberglass seams and fiberglass bottom. Sand, prime and paint.

  • Flip the hull over, install rubrail.

  • Remove all inside framing including the stringers

  • Build the inside seams around transoms and along chines.

  • Cover inside with biaxial fabric.

  • Reinstall stringers, tab to hull.

  • Reinstall frames, tab to hull.

  • Finish inside: seat tops, casting deck, sole if any.

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