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How To Make A Long Panel

No scarfs!
How to make panels longer than 8' (244 cm) from standard plywood sheets without ordering expensive long panels or using scarfs?

The fiberglass splice shown on top uses one or several layers of fiberglass tape in epoxy instead of a butt block.

The whole structure of our boats is based on the properties of fiberglass-epoxy composites so why rely on older wood working techniques when it comes to assemble our panels? We use two proven assembly methods that result in joints stronger than the parts: butt blocks or fiberglass splices. These assemblies are easy and fast. Our plans specify the size of the butt block or the type and size of the fiberglass.

The butt blocks specified for all our small boats are shown at the bottom: the two parts are butted and covered with a plywood block, epoxy glued.

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