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How To Build The Outboard Dory 16 In 12 Easy Steps

A Twelve Step Program For Boat Builders...

Step 1:
On the flat cockpit sole panel (all dimensions for the all parts are given on the plans), install the three stringers made from 2x6's.

Step 2:
Cover the stringers with the bottom panel.

Cover the keel sides, build fiberglass seams.

Step 4:
Flip the bottom assembly over.

Step 5:
Install the mid mold on the cockpit sole.

Step 6:
Install the bulkheads: they act as molds but stay in the boat.

Step 7:
Install the transom panel.

Step 8:
Install the quarter seat sides and outboard clamping board.

Step 9:
Wrap the lower side panel (dimensions on the plans) around the structure.

Step 10:
Install the topside panel overlapping the lower panel.

Step 11:
Cut bulkheads to size, cover seats and foredeck, finish fiberglass taping.

Step 12:
Test run . . .

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