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Stitch and Glue 101 - Epoxy Glue

Gluing the Long Panels:

Note the paper under the seam to prevent the parts to become glued to the shop floor. Plastic sheeting is even better.

The butt blocks are generously coated with epoxy glue.

Epoxy glue:

Epoxy glue is liquid epoxy resin mixed with woodflour to a peanut butter consistency.
See the HowTo files about resin, glue and putty to learn more about mixing those ingredients.

Glue the butt block to the panels and puts some weights on the butt block.

Do not apply too much pressure. Epoxy does not require a tight fit quite the opposite. If you push all the glue out with too much pressure, the bond will fail.
Wait a few hours for the epoxy to cure, ideally overnight.
During that time, you can cut the frames and transom. The frames are made of straight lines. They are easier to draw and to cut than the side and bottom panels. You probably will not need it but there is a separate detailed HowTo file that shows how to drawn a frame on the plywood and cut it: How to Cut a Plywood Frame


The side panels will bend around the frames. Before assembly, we will add battens to the frames and drill some holes in the long panels for the stitches.
The FL12 frames are “framed”. This means that we epoxy glue a batten all around the frames but only on one face. That face will be the inside of the seats.
The battens add stiffness to the thin plywood and provide a good contact area for the epoxy glue.
Note that this is specific to the FL12: most of our other boats do not require any battens around the frames.

The exact section of the battens is unimportant. Epoxy glue the battens to the frames and transom.
Look at the the construction drawing. It shows that you need battens on one side of each frame and on the inside face of the transom. The battens run along the edge of the frames except for the transom where there is only a batten at the seat level. That seat level is shown on the plans.

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